Note From The Edge Of Humanity…December 12th, in the year of our madness, 2018.

Today’s note from the edge of humanity…

Most anybody with siblings, elder siblings specifically, has likely been teased with the good, old wisecrack suggestion of going to run out and play in traffic.  Well, today, the greatness of America swelled to take that dangerous idea to a new level.  On the Route 3 West freeway in East Rutherford, New Jersey, a mishap experienced by an armored truck and its driver caused the spewing of greenbacks right into the morning commute.  But, fear not.  A few fast-acting Garden State commuters risked life and limb to, in the words of the great old-time comedian, W.C. Fields, take the bull by the tail and face the situation.

While the armored truck driver furiously attempted to collect the floating cash bonanza, others came rushing to help.  Themselves that is.  To any money they could grab of the road to stuff in their own pockets.  Nothing makes an arrival to work warmer on a cold, fall day than a pocket of hot cash.

Clearly, heroism knows no bounds in New Jersey as can be attested to by the ever-ready social media posted video supplied by what I’m sure was yet another driver doing something on the freeway at the time other than, um, driving their automobile.  It has been reported that the video depicts several sleepy Samaritans stopping their vehicles mid-freeway to…run out into traffic…and collect a few dollar bills off the road, sparing them from the cold, wet chill of the morning.  No, not to return to the frantic Brinks employee who was risking his life to do the same thing in the line of duty.  It was to deposit the runaway currency in the bank of their hip pocket. Not to worry.  Despite the massive backup and the two serious accidents that occurred due to this impromptu, festive seasonal snowstorm of dollars, nobody managed to get killed.  Let us be thankful for the lack of fatalities, bow our heads to honor the sacrifice of several unwitting automobiles, and rejoice in the joy of receiving unexpected gifts in the season of giving.  And taking.

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